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Success Stories

Together we’re stronger! Discover how our consulting business company supported more than 50 MNCs and SMEs in their global expansion and mission to maximize opportunities in India.


Guiding Miniso’s entrance into the Indian retail market, we enabled their local appeal through strategic insights and localized strategies, transforming them from a foreign entrant to a key player in India’s lifestyle segment.

Hyundai Corporation

Hyundai Corporation was looking for a reliable finance partner to assess their financial compliance in India. Our consultants quickly identified critical irregularities and helped them correct their financial process.


Ilwootec, one of the principal manufacturing allies of the tech giant Samsung, was looking to establish a footprint in India. Our seasoned team played a pivotal role in this process, providing them comprehensive support at every turn.

We are your gateway to India

The core of our business is to bridge the global-local gap, offering bespoke business solutions tailored to your needs. Our team of business consultants, legal advisors, and financial experts deeply understand the Indian business landscape.

Our expertise spans from nuanced market research to complex entry strategies guiding our clients to create the entity that matches their business needs, from production setup to joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or opening a subsidiary.

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Our Partners

Green Frontiers: Navigating India’s Sustainability Market

sustainability consulting india dubai

Join our team to transform your green venture into a sustainable success story in India‘s thriving market. We are eco-vision architects skilled in navigating India’s market landscape. Align your business with India’s 2070 net-zero goal in the energy, steel, and agriculture sectors.

dubai market entry india

Imagine your brand appealing to eco-conscious Indian consumers, where sustainability is a way of life. We aim to blend creativity and strategy to enhance cultural resonance. Our financial experts will help you achieve ESG goals.

dubai esg consulting

We simplify tax complexities and leverage innovative technologies for operational efficiency.

Join the sustainable movement driven by India-UAE economic synergy.

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Automotive & Mobility


Retail & Consumer


Pharma & Biotech

manufacturing consulting india


smart cities india

Smart Cities & Construction

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Clients Testimonials

They share their experience with svod advisory, business consulting firm in India

svod advisory has been a game changer in our annual audit. Their team was fantastic, and they handled everything in a transparent and timely fashion. We intend to stick with them as they are the best auditors out there.

MotorolaNikhil Sharma, Head of Taxation

svod advisory contributed to making our incorporation process in India effortless. The team provided quality services that exceeded our expectations. svod advisory is now a permanent fixture as one of our most trusted partners.

MinisoVincent Huang, VP of International Development

While providing auditing services for Hyundai Corporation, svod identified critical irregularities in our finance processes and helped to find a resolution easily. They are one of our most valuable partners.

Hyundai CorporationB.V John, General Manager

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