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Audit and Assurance services to maximize the full compliance of your business.

In a world where tax compliances and legal regulations continuously change, your business must access a complete and comprehensive overview of your yearly financial results to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Hence, any organization willing to globally succeed must work with auditors and taxation experts who will master the due diligence process and support them in identifying potential deficiencies, risks, and threats; and address compliance-related issues to ensure productivity and efficiency within the organization.

Our team uses the latest technology to help you tackle trust-related issues and help you deliver audits and financial statements that trigger growth and innovation, turning our audit and assurance services into powerful tools that will save you time and money to guide your organization to smoothly reach each business objective.

Our Expertise

We offer a comprehensive and broad expertise designed to help your business thrive in front of any situation or challenge. Our bespoke approach enables `us to adjust our working practices to meet the needs of each client across each industry.

  • Statutory Audits are essential for your business to minimize frauds and other related risks.
  • Internal Financial Controls ensure transparency within your organizations and will enable you to prove potential investors that your organization scrupulously signs with the existing governance policies.


Management and Operational Audits


Transfer Pricing Audit


Internal Audit


Tax Audit


Annual Reconciliation


Due Diligence

Meet The Team

Our business consulting team is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes achieve their full potential. Our experienced consultants use a holistic approach to identify areas of improvement and develop customized strategies to drive growth and success.

Whether you’re looking to enter new markets, streamline processes, or drive innovation, our team has the expertise to help you reach your goals. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the unique needs of each client, and have a long history of helping organizations achieve their desired outcomes. With our team by your side, you can be confident that you have a trusted partner to help guide your organization toward a bright future.

Vijay Saini - Founder and CEO

Vijay Saini

Founder and CEO

A strategic CA with extensive consulting experience, Vijay Saini has successfully navigated MNCs like Miniso and Motorola through the Indian market. Through svod Advisory, Vijay implements a progressive, tech-driven model to overcome industry pitfalls and optimize client growth.

Vikrant Pathak

Account Executive

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