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Driving Success in the New Automotive Paradigm

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The automotive industry stands at a critical juncture. Sweeping technological advancements, regulatory fluctuations, intricate supply chain dynamics, and ever-evolving consumer expectations present formidable challenges such as energy crises, fuel shortages, inflationary pressures, labor scarcities, and supply chain unpredictability.

In the face of these trials, a remarkable opportunity takes shape as the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) burgeons.

Unearthing Untapped Potential: the rise of Electric Vehicles

A recent study forecasts the EV market to command a staggering 54% share of total vehicle sales by 2035. This seismic shift, propelled by the assimilation of wireless technology in vehicles, the ascendancy of digital platforms driving automobile sales while the advent of the interconnected and autonomous vehicle serves as a catalyst, boosting the automotive industry’s growth trajectory. To capitalize on these prospects, organizations must adapt their business models and direct their focus towards the following initiatives:

  • Investment in EV technology
  • Forging strategic partnership
  • Exploring transformative acquisition

Moreover, enterprises involved in manufacturing components or technologies for both conventional and electric vehicles must automate processes and optimize supply chains, ensuring unwavering resilience and adaptive capabilities. Automotive and Mobility Consulting Services are essential in this instance.

Unleashing Global Growth Opportunities with Automotive Consultancy Services

The Indian Market among the emerging markets poised for substantial EV growth, India stands at the forefront. The automotive industry’s ascent in India is fueled by escalating disposable incomes, facile credit, financing alternatives, and a population eagerly embracing novel mobility solutions.

India’s industry-friendly policies and progressive initiatives bolster this growth, and we expect that the EV market share will reach an impressive 3.8% by 2027. To harness the potential of this nascent market, the industry must establish robust manufacturing infrastructure, cultivate novel supply chains, and foster symbiotic collaborations with the Indian government.

Offering hybrid vehicles and an array of EV models catering to diverse consumer segments with seamless online booking options, the transition towards EVs appears seamless while garnering invaluable insights into consumer demand.

Automotive & Mobility Consulting: Overcoming Obstacles

Despite grappling with great challenges such as semiconductor shortages, supply chain constraints, and the costs associated with adopting cleaner technology, the automotive industry in India showcases remarkable resilience and immense promise.

The outstanding sales performance in the passenger vehicle segment sets the stage for significant growth prospects in the commercial and two-wheeler sectors. Furthermore, the projected surge of electric vehicles, anticipated to reach an impressive 9.1 million by 2027, provides compelling evidence of the market’s potential for expansion and revitalization.

Within this promising landscape, businesses involved in component manufacturing, mobility services, and battery management have ample opportunities to thrive and achieve success.

Forecasts of global vehicle sales growth

in 2023


in 2025

Solving Challenges, Driving Success.

We help you succeed in India

Venturing into the Indian automotive industry presents unparalleled opportunities alongside considerable intricacies. svod advisory stands ready to be your trusted partner. Our collaborative and tailored solutions seamlessly establish your presence in India’s vibrant automotive industry, deftly navigating the nuances of the legal system and intricate tax laws.


Identifying potential partners and assessing fit


Conducting due diligence and risk assessment


Negotiating and drafting joint venture and alliance agreements


Providing support with integration planning and execution


Assisting with ongoing management and governance of the partnership

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Surpassing the competition demands profound insights and an unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve. At svod advisory, we gathered experts that dissect the megatrends reshaping the automotive landscape, providing actionable insights to help automotive players elevate their performance and maintain pole position in a world where daily innovation is the norm. Discover our Automotive & Mobility Consulting Solutions now.

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