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Our client, a leading figure in the Dubai solar energy sector, has established a significant presence since its launch. This company is renowned for its comprehensive approach to solar energy solutions, emphasizing distributed solar energy systems. Their broad expertise covers various aspects of solar energy, including development, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance. This multifaceted approach allows them to cater to multiple commercial, industrial, residential, and educational sectors.

Founded by a notable environmental investment arm of a reputable family-owned business, our client has a robust foundation in the industry. Since its inception, they have focused on providing turnkey solutions in solar energy, combining their development and operational capabilities under one umbrella.

Moreover, our client has also been active in the renewable energy and electromechanical works sector, operational since 2018. They offer diverse solar energy solutions tailored to different customer needs, from residential to commercial and industrial clients. Their comprehensive service portfolio features solar panels, inverters, batteries, consulting, maintenance, and repair services. As a certified solar installer recognized by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), they hold numerous certifications and are committed to delivering optimal solar energy solutions. They also provide consultation and financing options to facilitate their clients’ adoption of solar energy solutions.

This blend of extensive experience, wide-ranging services, and a commitment to sustainable and efficient energy solutions positions our client as a critical player in the Dubai solar energy landscape, ready to significantly contribute to the sector.

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Indian Market Overview

India’s solar energy market is ripe with potential, characterized by rapid growth and the presence of key players in the renewable energy sector. The country has been making significant strides towards expanding its renewable energy capabilities, with a strong focus on solar Power. Government initiatives and policies have been instrumental in propelling this growth. India’s geographical location, with its abundant sunlight, further accentuates the potential for solar energy development.

Opportunities Identified

For Dubai-based companies like SirajPower and Zaish Energy, several opportunities can be identified in the Indian market:

Government Incentives

India’s government has proactively encouraged solar energy through various incentives and subsidies. This creates a conducive environment for foreign companies to invest and participate in the solar energy sector.

Increasing Demand for Renewable Energy

With India’s commitment to expanding its renewable energy footprint, there’s a growing demand for innovative and efficient solar energy solutions. This demand spans residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, offering diverse opportunities for these companies.

Partnerships and Collaborations

The opportunity to forge partnerships with local Indian companies and government entities can be a strategic move. Such collaborations can help navigate the local market dynamics, regulatory compliance, and supply chain logistics.

Customized Solutions

Adapting and customizing their solutions to suit the specific needs of the Indian market, considering its unique challenges and customer preferences, would be a critical opportunity for these companies.

In conclusion, Dubai-based solar energy companies like SirajPower and Zaish Energy, with their extensive experience and comprehensive solutions, are well-positioned to impact the Indian solar energy market significantly. They can play a pivotal role in advancing solar energy adoption in India by capitalizing on the opportunities and navigating the challenges.


Company X, upon entering the Indian market, faced several challenges:

Manufacturing Infrastructure

India’s solar sector is impeded by inadequate R&D and manufacturing facilities for solar panels, equipment, and inverters, leading to heavy reliance on imports and increased system costs​​​​.

Investment and Payback

The solar sector requires significant initial investment and has longer payback periods, posing a financial challenge for adopters​​.

Public Awareness

A general lack of awareness about solar energy, particularly in rural areas, slows the adoption​​of the technology.

Administrative Hurdles

Issues like land acquisition, government approvals, and material supply limits affect solar plant setups, leading to project delays​​.

Regulatory Challenges

Non-enforcement of renewable purchase obligations (RPOs) and stringent scheduling and forecasting norms present regulatory obstacles​​.

Grid and Land Acquisition Issues

Dealing with grid operators and acquiring land for solar farms are significant concerns due to fragmented land ownership and varying state policies​​​​.

Quality Concerns

Higher-than-expected degradation levels in solar modules, primarily due to the purchase of cheaper panels for cost-effectiveness, raise quality issues​​.

Currency Risk

Fluctuating costs of imported modules introduce currency risk​​.

solar energy india


To address these challenges, Svod Advisory provided tailored solutions:

Local Partnerships

Facilitated partnerships with local manufacturers and suppliers to reduce dependency on imports and navigate administrative processes.

Awareness Campaigns

Conducted educational campaigns to increase public awareness, particularly in rural areas.

Financial Solutions

Assisted in navigating financial challenges by exploring investment models and subsidies available in India.

Regulatory Guidance

Provided insights into India’s regulatory landscape, helping to navigate RPOs and other policy requirements.

Quality Assurance

Advised on procuring high-quality solar equipment to ensure long-term efficiency and reliability.

Market Entry Strategy


Formed strategic alliances with local entities for market insights and streamlined operations.

Local Operations Establishment

Set up regional offices and teams to manage operations, ensuring compliance with Indian regulations and customs.

Marketing Strategies

Developed targeted marketing campaigns that address the unique needs and preferences of the Indian market.

Adaptation and Localization

Product Customization

Adapted solar products to suit the climatic conditions of India, considering factors like high temperatures and monsoon seasons.

Cultural Alignment

Incorporated cultural understanding in business practices and customer interactions.

Service Localization

Offered localized after-sales services and support to cater to the specific needs of Indian customers.

To sum it up, our strategic approach to overcoming initial challenges and implementing market entry strategies was pivotal in successfully establishing Company X in the solar energy market in India. The focus on understanding and adapting to the local market dynamics played a crucial role in this endeavor.



The entry of Company X into the Indian market has led to significant achievements. Key outcomes include:

Market Share and Investment Growth

The Indian solar sector has seen substantial foreign investment, with notable entries from global players. 

Strategic Partnerships

There have been successful partnerships with local entities. 

Increased Solar Capacity

The Indian government’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme aimed to boost domestic manufacturing and reduce import dependence in the renewable sector, allocating approximately USD 600 million over five years​​. This presents an opportunity for companies like Company X to increase their manufacturing capacity and market presence.


Focus on Local Manufacturing

Given India’s emphasis on reducing import dependence, Company X should consider investing in local manufacturing capabilities.

R&D Investment

Invest in research and development to keep up with technological advancements and offer innovative solar solutions.

Community Engagement and Education

Engage in community outreach and educational programs to raise awareness about the benefits of solar energy, particularly in rural areas.

Navigating Regulatory Landscape

Stay abreast of policy changes and incentives in the Indian renewable sector to leverage opportunities and mitigate risks.

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Long-Term Impact

Brand Recognition and Expansion

Investing in high-value projects and partnerships has likely enhanced Company X’s brand recognition in the Indian market.

Contribution to Renewable Targets

By participating in India’s ambitious solar and renewable energy goals, Company X contributes significantly to achieving the country’s target of 175 GW capacity by 2022 and 450 GW by 2030.

Technological Advancements and Opportunities

The focus on cutting-edge technologies and the PLI scheme has opened doors for innovative solutions in solar energy, potentially positioning Company X as a technology leader.

Insights Gained

Adaptation to Local Market

Understanding and adapting to the local regulatory environment, investment landscape, and market needs are crucial.

Collaboration and Partnership

The importance of forming strategic alliances with local partners and government entities cannot be overstated. This aids in navigating administrative and logistical challenges.

Quality and Sustainability

Emphasizing the quality of solar installations and sustainable practices is vital to long-term success in the Indian market.

CONCLUSION – Enter Solar Energy Market in India

In summary, Company X’s foray into solar energy in India has shown promising outcomes with substantial investment growth, strategic partnerships, and a positive impact on brand recognition. The insights and recommendations derived from this venture can guide other companies looking to enter the Indian renewable energy market.

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Case Study Summary – Infographic

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