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In an era where data has become the backbone for global business strategies, market intelligence is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.

Kimmo KuokkanenCEO of Statzon
market expansion strategy

With the rapid, dynamic shifts in business environments, it is critical to understand the market dynamics and have an efficient expansion strategy. In this context, Statzon has appeared almost magically (sic) as a game-changing platform in the Business Intelligence landscape. They are offering timely, relevant insights that drive strategic decision-making and foster business growth.

Reimagining the Scope of Market Intelligence

Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO of Statzon, sheds light on the core offerings of Statzon. Unlike traditional market research companies, Statzon provides a unique operational model: a subscription-based service granting access to vast information from public and private sectors sourced through strategic licensing agreements with various market research firms. For instance, Socomec, an independent industrial group, leveraged Statzon’s resources to penetrate new markets successfully. Similarly, Mitsubishi Electric enhanced its market understanding and optimized processes using Statzon’s diverse market data.

More Than Market Intelligence

Kuokkanen explains, ‘We are not creating market intelligence. We designed a platform for it.’ This innovative subscription model allows companies of all sizes to access a rich pool of information. It is an approach that provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness. And this model benefits small and medium-sized enterprises, which often suffer the consequences of a limited budget.

Amplifying Global Reach and Driving Impactful Growth

The breadth of Statzon’s clientele reflects the diversity of the global business landscape and the substantial impact of the global platform to accelerate growth and expansion for each client. It is the case of AGILOX, an Austrian manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots looking to expand. Statzon’s data provided all the insights they needed to support strategic decision-making and product development. In contrast, the French company used Statzon to gather crucial data. It helped in fortifying their business case and facilitating their expansion processes.

Revolutionizing Market Intelligence Management

Statzon’s continuously updating market information database has proven to be a game-changer. Stäubli, an equipment manufacturer, was facing difficulties managing market information. By adopting Statzon, they found a single point of truth for market data, consolidating their market intelligence efforts, improving customer understanding, and optimizing their market intelligence management.

Embracing Growth and Pioneering Future Endeavors

Statzon is a growth-focused firm with ambitions extending beyond its current capabilities. The company started with a focus in robotics. Since then, they have been expanding to other verticals like e-mobility and plan to expand to new verticals soon, aligning with its commitment to evolving into a comprehensive platform that supports a vast range of businesses in their market intelligence endeavors.

Projecting the Future of Market Insights

When evoking the future, Kuokkanen notes that ‘Artificial intelligence will wield significant influence on the market insights industry, especially in terms of content reliability and depth.’ Despite potential challenges posed by advanced AI models like ChatGPT, Statzon is actively working towards a transparent platform and ensuring its competitive edge.

Concluding thoughts

In an age of rapid digital transformation, Statzon, under the visionary leadership of Kimmo Kuokkanen, is at the vanguard of democratizing access to data. In this process, they are transforming the dynamics of business growth and market expansion strategy. With a steadfast commitment to client success and industry advancement, the Finland- based startup is poised for a promising future as it continuously redefines how businesses scale and achieves new heights.

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