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Unveiling the Complex Landscape of the Manufacturing Industry

Our Manufacturing Consulting Firm in India

As the global landscape undergoes substantial shifts, the manufacturing industry in India grapples with noteworthy challenges in supply chain disturbances and inventory management. New materials, technologies, production techniques, and processes for planning are becoming increasingly crucial for the industry’s advancement.

Manufacturing consultants in India play a vital role in assisting businesses to navigate these challenges and enhance their skill set requirements, making them invaluable assets for companies in the manufacturing sector. We offer expertise and guidance to streamline manufacturing processes and optimize operations, contributing to the overall growth and competitiveness of the industry in India.

Responsive to dynamic changes or adapting to the new normal

Encourage strategic partnerships to seamlessly integrate innovative technologies. Emphasize flexibility and data-driven decision-making for steady growth in a fast-changing tech landscape.

Unleashing global growth opportunities

India has significant technological growth potential in the manufacturing industry due to its burgeoning pool of skilled engineers, a large and diverse domestic market, and favourable government policies promoting innovation and investment.

Manufacturers in India are investing 35% of their operating budgets towards technology. Regarding market share, India accounts for around 3% of the global manufacturing output. However, the country is rapidly making strides in this sector and is expected to capture a larger share of the global market in the coming years which ranges approximately  5-8% by 2030.

Some of the key factors driving the growth of the manufacturing sector in India include a large and growing domestic market of $3.736 trillion.

svod analyze your manufacturing business thoroughly, identifying opportunities for growth in the Indian market.

Our tailored strategies would optimize your supply chain, integrate advanced technologies, ensure compliance with Indian regulations, and foster sustainable practices. We’d also facilitate strategic partnerships, provide talent management solutions, and advise on market expansion to position your business for sustained growth and success within the evolving Indian manufacturing landscape.

During the forecast period 2023-2028, a compound annual growth rate of


Solving Challenges, Driving Success.

We help you succeed in India

Enter the Indian manufacturing market with confidence with Svod Advisory. We’re your trusted partner for a seamless entry into India’s vibrant manufacturing industry. We’ll help you navigate the legal and tax landscape, so you can focus on growing your business.


Develop a smart manufacturing strategy


Expand into new markets


Develop and implement sustainable practices


Secure funding to invest in new technologies and practices

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