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Unleash the complete potential of your green venture based in Dubai with our Consultant team, specializing in ESG consulting for Dubai-based companies. Explore growth opportunities in rapidly expanding markets.

svod Advisory is your strategic ally, guiding your sustainable Venture from Dubai into India’s dynamic market. Our expertise in marketing, financial services, taxation, and emerging technologies equips us uniquely to steer your business through India’s intricate landscape of opportunities and challenges. 

Partner with us to explore new horizons in one of the world’s most vibrant economies.

Environment and ESG Market Insights

Embrace India’s Sustainability Revolution


Decarbonization Commitment

Align your business with India’s ambitious goal to become a net-zero emitter by 2070, capitalizing on opportunities in the energy, steel, and agriculture sectors.


Innovation in Energy and Technology

Leverage India’s shift towards renewables and the digital revolution, including significant advancements in the Metaverse and AI.


Consumer Consciousness

Tap into the growing demand among Indian consumers for sustainable and responsible brands.

ESG Opportunities in India


of power from renewable sources


of Indian consumers seek sustainability leadership in brands

India has announced its ambition to become
a net-zero emitter by 2070

Significant investment in renewable energy, with projections of close to $10 billion in 2023

Consulting Services: Customized ESG Strategies for Dubai-based companies in India


Marketing Excellence

Harness the power of digital transformation and creative branding to resonate with the Indian audience.


Financial Expertise

Navigate India’s evolving financial landscape, integrating ESG targets and leveraging digital advancements.


Tax Efficiency

Benefit from our expert knowledge of India’s tax policies, ensuring compliance and optimization.


Technological Integration

Stay ahead with cutting-edge technologies for sustainability reporting and operational efficiency.

Proven Success Stories

Your Success is Our Success

environment dubai

Sectoral Opportunities

Explore diverse investment opportunities across real estate, retail, and infrastructure.

esg consulting dubai

Case Studies

Learn from the achievements of companies like DP World,
Sharaf Group, and Lulu Group, which have successfully expanded in India.

esg dubai consulting

Growing Relations

Capitalize on the robust India-UAE economic ties and significant trade growth.


Featured Articles and Solutions

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