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A thriving market, India became an innovation powerhouse for investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. With years of experience in financial and legal advisory, svod makes investing in India a no-brainer and helps you define the best market entry strategy.

Unlimited India: the land of endless opportunities 

India, now the fifth-largest global economy, witnessed a remarkable post-pandemic recovery. Thanks to the unwavering strength of domestic demand and the burgeoning services sector, the subcontinent observed a 4% GDP rise in Q1 of 2022–23 over 2019–20. Prospects seem increasingly promising as the country observes a rising employment rate.


Market Landscape

The Indian market rapidly evolves as the nominal GDP reaches a staggering US$ 3.12 trillion in FY22, bolstered by a thriving unicorn base valued at US$ 332.7 billion. By 2030, the country aims to derive 40% of its energy from non-fossil sources, underscoring the potential of the renewable energy sector.


Economic Milestones

High-frequency growth fuels innovation and resilience, and all indicators are there to confirm this fast-paced growth is here to stay. As of September 2022, the foreign exchange reserves hit an impressive US$ 524,520 million. The country also noted a significant uptick in PE-VC sector investments, which reached US$ 2 billion in the same month. Moreover, Indian merchandise exports stood robust at US$ 32.62 billion, affirming an impressive economic resilience.


Government Initiatives

With groundbreaking incentives, the Indian government repetitively shows its commitment to enhancing economic prowess. Flagship programs such as Make in India, Start-up India, and Digital India unleashed endless opportunities. The latest production-linked incentive (PLI) schemes in diverse sectors aim to generate 6 million jobs and boost the additional production capacity to US$ 401.49 billion over the next five years.

The Road Ahead

Exports have been a critical driver of Indian economic growth, with the nation set to reach a US$ 400 billion merchandise export target by FY22. The government works toward increasing public health spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2025. Moreover, in the face of a global slowdown, the authorities successfully restored supply networks and reduced port congestion, provoking a surge in Indian exports.

Pairing a booming economy with a vibrant demographic and encouraging government policies, India is the next destination for global investors. This is why, now is the time to define you market entry strategy in India.

With economic activity regaining momentum and a proactive government steering the nation toward sustainable growth, the future looks bright for India. For investors, it’s time to explore this land of opportunities.



EU companies in India


direct jobs created

India’s bilateral trade with the EU was $116.36 billion in FY22,
43.5% higher than in 2021-22.

India Population: 1,428,627,663

10 largest cities of India:


Mumbai: 12,691,836


Delhi: 10,927,986


Bengaluru: 5,104,047


Kolkata: 4,631,392


Chennai: 4,328,063


Ahmedabad: 3,719,710


Hyderabad: 3,597,816


Pune: 2,935,744


Surat: 2,894,504


Kanpur: 2,823,249

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​​From pre-incorporation services to go-to market strategies, we offer a broad range of services to help you define the best market entry strategy and succeed in India.

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​​Over the past years, we have helped more than 50 companies successfully set up in India and succeed in this thriving market.

Meet the Team

Vijay Saini - Founder and CEO

Vijay Saini

Founder and CEO

A strategic CA with extensive consulting experience, Vijay Saini has successfully navigated MNCs like Miniso and Motorola through the Indian market. Through svod Advisory, Vijay implements a progressive, tech-driven model to overcome industry pitfalls and optimize client growth.

Marie Helene Lapina - Head of Growth, Europe

Marie-Helene Lapina

Head of Growth, Europe

A seasoned marketing professional, Marie-Helene leverages her extensive international experience and collaborations with industry giants like Tommy Hilfiger, Renault Austria, and KLM. Fueled by a customer-centric approach, Marie-Helene is data -driven and continuously works toward deploying meticulously crafted strategies to bolster brand visibility and catalyze revenue growth.

Sarita Yadav - Head of Legal & Company Secretary

Sarita Yadav

Head of Legal & Company Secretary

Sarita Yadav, a qualified Company Secretary, pairs her logical mindset with a pragmatic problem-solving approach. With seven years in secretarial and legal roles, she drives results and upholds corporate affairs and governance with unmatched diligence, enabling foreign companies to thrive in India.

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